Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Off Topic: Bored? No really, are you?

Check out these scans from a Best Buy flyer from 1996.

A new Macintosh PowerPC would have set you back about $2400.00 US. That was about $3800.00 CAD (maybe more) and doesn't include the monitor. Another $500 got you a nice 15 inch boat anchor. See Page 9.

And for $2500.00 (again, all prices USD) you could really take advantage of a laptop. With an 11-inch display! Bet you thought you were the cock of the walk back then, right Fancy? See Page 10.

Oh, and don't forgot your Sony Walkman - a steal at $14.99. See Page 11.

Make sure you check out the pimpin' cell phones on Page 7.


jim m said...

actually it wasn't unusual to drop 6Gs on a mac back then. i spent close to 5Gs on mine.

Dan-1 said...

I have a 1.58 GB hard drive (one of the old giant 5.25" bricks) that was probably around $45,000 back in 1987. Now...flash drives store more data.

GOTransitBitch said...

I like the 35mm camera. And the enticement to buy film at Best Buy. Film. *sigh* I miss my old Canon.

lswgirl13 said...

My 17 year old goes old school and still uses his Sony Discman. I loved my Walkman, never went anywhere without it.

Aitch said...

I like all the Macarena-related products. It's sort of the "embarrassing hairstyle" of music for that time period.