Thursday, September 15, 2011


This picture, snapped at the Oshawa GO parking lot, shows what happens when an entitled Parking Donkey just drives into a spot and pays no mind to the position of said vehicle.
The person in the blue car drives in sometime later. Parking Donkey will now have to use the passenger side to enter said vehicle if the blue car is still there after work.
However, there are possible consequences when you play with the Parking Donkeys. They could whip out a key and ruin your pretty blue paint even though they were in the wrong.
So what to do?
Do you forfeit a parking spot?
We wouldn't be having this discussion if these idiots would just take a few seconds and park properly.

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Squiggles said...

You are also assuming Buddy in the Blue Car got there after the Donkey. You are also assuming that the Donkey will be leaving first.

I have seen (many times) where the bad parker is the first to get the train in the morning AND the last home in the evening.