Saturday, September 17, 2011

Despite what others are telling you ...

GO Transit has never had a strike in its 45-year history. So for those who wrote about so called chaos from the last strike are confused and may be thinking about a strike that affected another transit system, not GO.

If the union heads into a strike, you can expect trains operating. What you can also expect are picket lines at stations and the inability to purchase tickets at ticket counters. You will also be stranded if you rely on GO buses.

Those with Presto cards can travel uninterrupted during a strike provided cardholders use the website to re-load or subscribe to auto-load. Those who rely on passes and paper-ride tickets won't be able to purchase fares. There's no word on how GO will enforce fares on trains and if the strike affects their security staff who often conduct ticket inspections.



Bicky said...

Last I heard, the union agreed to push back the strike date, so they won't be walking out on Monday.

There was a time when a strike did affect GO Trains. It was because the CN workers who used to operate the trains were on strike (they're now operated by Bombardier crews). I know this because I had to commute a whole 'nuther way. That was in 1995. I know that because I had tickets to see CATS.

Starting to rethink the whole PRESTO thing. Hm....

C.J. Smith said...

But that was CN, another operator which did affect GO but not GO Transit itself. I accommodated for that in my statement.

Yes, the date has been pushed back. No date has been given but service will be normal on Monday.

Presto isn't the devil. It's not my best friend but I make it work. Like a bad marriage.

C.J. Smith said...

... In a "think of the children" kind of way.

Subliminal said...

It is interesting how GO announced ad campaigns to give away a massive number of Presto cards on a "free" promotion that started just before the possible strike hit the news and ends just as a possible strike is to begin.
Perhaps the devil is in those details?
Never the less, I don't think a strike would be a good thing for commuters even if GO thinks Presto will help them weather the storm or give them the courage to create one and lockout workers.
Hopefully public interest will prevail over politics and the trains and buses will keep on rolling.

C.J. Smith said...

They are still talking. Well into last night apparently.
A strike, even though those with Presto cards can get on trains, will make it chaotic at the stations if union members decide to picket the stations (and they will?). This will slow traffic leaving and entering the station.
Since buses won't be running, it will force more people into their cars.
If you think parking is a nightmare now ...

Jay said...

It's times like this that I'm thankful for a job that lets me "work from home" as needed.

Not that the'd have much of a choice in this instance.


Anonymous said...

all i know is these people have good paying jobs. period.

Anonymous said...

Relax people...the strike date has been pushed back until Sept 29.
True, there wont be anyone to sell, cust.serv., enforcement, service or csa to check tickets or Presto. We are all in the same buses either. In other would be FREE!!


station attendant.

FRED said...

Dear Station Attendent,
Yes, it would be free to ride but I am certain the Union will do what it can to make it really hard for GO customers to get on the trains which is the point of striking.
I can understand the frustrations.
This should get interesting!

lswgirl13 said...

There was a strike in August of 1987 but it may have been a CN thing that affectted GO. Either way, I had to drive.
They better not picket the stations, I don't and won't listen to anybody's union bullshit.

lswgirl13 said...

It was bugging me so I looked it up:

August 23, 1987 - All GO Train service is cancelled due to Associated Railway Workers strike.

Another perfect example of how other union's work stoppages create a trickle down affect that they could care less about.

C.J. Smith said...

Yep, it affected GO trains. It did not cancel or stop all of GO Transit's operations as Go's union wasn't on strike, buses were running and stations were open. Tickets were being sold, etc. The union associated with GO Transit are its employees who perform customer service duties, CSA, custodial work, bus drivers, wicket supervisors, security personnel, transit officers will all be on strike. Trains will run because the engineers aren't with GO's union. They're with another union.

I hope this makes sense. If you're a CSA with GO and you've worked there for 45 years (which means you'd be retiring this year), you've never been on strike.

lswgirl13 said...

ACTUALLY, I don't ever remember that there were CSA's on the train back on the 80's and early 90's. If there was you certainly never heard them except to announce the stops and the intercom was so bad you couldn't understand them. If the train stopped for whatever reason, you had no idea if you were going to be sitting there for 2 minutes or 20 minutes.

Dan-1 said...

The "CSA" 's were CN conductors back then. I think they "conducted" from the upper level sliding windows before someone got the idea for an accessibility car with a ramp (would have been around 1992 when the first accessibility cars were outfitted...2300's for the railheads).

Of course, the Milton line was and still is manned by CPR train crews.

By CSA's CJ is probably referring to booth attendants and the like.