Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bag Rider - Know Your TCT Donkey

bag rid·er [Proun. bag ri-der] - ing, -s
Cousin to the bubble bagger

  1. a GO commuter who uses the seats immediately beside or across from one's self to place bags on
  2. Also used to describe GO commuters who use the seats as luggage racks
  3. a GO commuter who places one's belongings on several seats, specifically during rush hour, and then becomes super annoyed when another commuter asks to sit


Anonymous said...

there should be a purse one on here.
I see women each trip with 3+ purses, all about 1/2 full (to the eye). Seriously? WTF
One hag today had 4, all black, all same bulky size and shiney. She could barely fit them all under her arms as she plowed down the aisle.
why do some women do this? if you must carry 60 things to and from work with you all the time, why not just grab a backpack or a potatoe sac, trust me it'll look just as ridiculous.

C.J. Smith said...

Please take photos.
I do have a gallery of bag riders. Click on the tags below this post.