Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lord of the Stupids

Once again the parking donkeys at Oshawa have driven their way onto their own island, which I will call "Island of Douche".

Looks like we know which one is 'Ralph" and which one is 'Piggy', don't we?

Thanks to April for the pic.


NN said...

There are three cars on the island. That last one could not get all wheels up

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that's not the only thing he can't get up.
Piggy was there again last night.

Matt said...

This behaviour has been going on in the main lot at Bramalea GO for some time now, but has also started rearing its ugly head in the overflow lot as well. There are no curbs like this to park on, but it’s remarkable now many park-how-I-want-to’s just cozy up at the end of a row and leave next to no room for us normal folk to exit the parking lot at the end of the day. Normally I take the municipal bus, but on the occasions that I DO drive to the station, I’d be comforted with the knowledge that I’m not in the Hotel California of parking lots.