Tuesday, September 27, 2011

By Request - 10 repeat Google searches that bring people for a ride on this crazy train or result in crazy text exchanges

  1. stupid stuff people do on go trains Google rank: 1

  2. go train blog Google rank: 1 (impressive, I know)

  3. blog about people on go train Google rank: 1 (and 2)

  4. lost something on go train who do i text Google rank: 2

  5. go train bathroom sex Google rank: 2

  6. how can i text go train people Google rank: 3 (plus 4) This post just pushed it to #2 which I know will make Skin Man delirious with pleasure because this is now gonna "bring it".

  7. crazy train Google rank: 3

  8. why do people block the doors on go train Google rank: 3

  9. GO train lost and found Google rank: 4 (which is so bizarre because GO Transit holds ranks 1, 2 and 3 but people click on my site links)

  10. how to send text message to go transit Google rank: 5 (and 12)


James said...

That's on I wonder what the results would be on or any of the other Googles.

C.J. Smith said...

In my site meter logs for keywords for the .com extension, primarily the searches revolve around go transit blog, go train sex, and "name of station" plus random question.
What I linked here were search results that I think, based on what I see in logs, prompt the text messages I receive that are separate from the ones I get from people who intentionally text me.

Gary said...

The go train lost and found amazes me. Perhaps it's the title of the link? That it says Lost & Found? Still unbelievable that people would be that stupid to not see the first 3 links would help them out.

Anonymous said...

All this proves is that people don't read. They skim and their brain is only looking for something that jumps out at them. Pretty wild though. Maybe they even write more specific words that make the page come up higher.

Aitch said...

Thanks CJ! But it still doesn't clarify for me why people would ignore the first several OFFICIAL GO TRANSIT links and pick yours... although I'm so, so glad that they do!

C.J. Smith said...

Well Aitch,
What can I say? I can't explain the logic. It makes no sense to me but god love them for the stupidity.