Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ajax's tunnel of fun

My train frend, Char L'Hottie, encountered a rather gross situation in one of the underground pathways at Ajax station yesterday morning.

Someone had left a trail of vomit. She noticed it before the guy behind her did and when it dawned on him what he was about to step in, he nearly jumped into Char's arms.

Not impressed, Char went to tell someone at the station about the mess. She was told someone would go have a look. Char thought that meant someone would go clean it up.

Last night, on her way through the tunnel returning from work, Char encountered the vomit. Only it had been covered with a white powder.

Allegedly, someone had dumped baby powder all over the trail of puke.



Barb Carmichael said...

1, for someone to do this. Can't aim for a garbage can and 2, for the lazy-ass method of cleanup.

It was probably baking soda but still ...

Jen said...

I saw that. Once I figured out what it was I stayed away (I was late for a train and didn't stop). It looks like it was finally cleaned up - as in I didn't notice it.

What went through my head was that it had better been "new" as opposed to a remnant of the Ex. This is what goes through my head before I caffeinate in the morning.

Skin Man said...

This is why shoes do not belong on seats!

C.J. Smith said...

If there was ever a rebuttal for the it's ok to put feet on seats debate, this is it. Hands down. Apparently there were chunks of chicken in the vomit. I'm trying to lay on the gross here so people like Joanne get the picture. Last time I checked, I didn't slide along the ground on my ass.

Squiggles said...

No, but you, me and everyone else apparently leaks bodily fluid at an alarming rate. So, how is vomit really all that different?

But yes, as gross as the description sounds, a wonderful argument for keeping shoes off the seats.

Walt said...

Actually there are absorbent powders that you can put on the vomit so that you can easily sweep it up before you mop.

Saw the daycare lady do it when one of their kids spontaneously threw up on her kitchen floor.

peter said...

Thank you, Walt, for the enlightening tidbit about vomit management.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Peter.

Trust me, leave vomit management to the professionals. They're trained.