Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rolling along in my livingroom

MK writes these two lads remained in this position, with that bag, hat and foot on the seats until a crowd of people got on and a person forcibly sat on the man's hat. Exactly. No one should have to ask you to move your crap.
You see people get on a train? They pay for a seat. The end.


Skin Man said...

MK, was there any explosion?

Must know.

Donna said...

haha I agree. move your crap or my ass is gonna be on it.

Jen said...

I did something similar during March Break, only with my backpack.

I was sitting upstairs, pack under the seat. We were getting close to Union, so I stood/crouched to get it as it slid funny and I could reach a strap.

Well, some woman beside me, travelling with 2 other people and WAY too much luggage, moved her backpack from her lap onto the seat I "vacated". As I saw it happening, I knew I couldn't sit down, so I grabbed my backpack off the floor and slammed it down on hers. Then there was the staring contest until she finally moved hers. Then I moved mine and sat down. A grown woman!

The sense of entitlement these bozos have came from somewhere.