Thursday, September 22, 2011

From the Toronto Star - Rescue on Platform 12: GO hero saves passenger’s life

Awesome job from an awesome CSA.

Derek Thompson? You fierce.

Full story here.


Anonymous said...

Not to sound like a selfish prick but does this selfish prick realize that had he obeyed his doctor's orders, I wouldn't have missed a once in a chance job interview being conducted in Whitby at 6:15. I still don't understand why our train was held but since our CSA was saving this guy's life, I guess we had to wait for him. I figure the conductors and engineers could do double duty.
This man is a lucky guy but for chrissake, take care of yourself and realize your actions have consequences for the 800 or so people with places to be.

C.J. Smith said...

My suggestion, anonymous, if it's not too late, is that you write a diplomatic and impassioned email or actual old-school letter to the person who was to conduct the interview where you explain the situation, attach the Star story as proof and ask for reconsideration.

I refuse to believe there are things in life that follow a Pursuit of Happyness method of chances. Everything is negotiable provided you know how to be a master of diplomacy. Some things, like court dates, are set in stone (or so we believe) but this sounds repairable to me.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me...but if this was truly a once in a lifetime job opportunity, perhaps you should have given yourself more time rather than catching the last possible train to get you there. I mean, they run every 20-30 minutes max at that time.

Anonymous said...

"not to sound like a selfish prick" Too late.....FAIL.

Squiggles said...

I was on that 5.10 train. And I was getting pissed at the hold up—I had an appt with someone who holds the office open for me. Of course, it happened at the east end of the platform and I was in the 7 or 8th coach.

What I was pissed was that there was No Information Provided to the passengers on that train. Had more people realised what was going on, they would have moved over to the 5.20 train. Someone (obviously not the CSA) from GO could have announced it to us, the conductor could have announced it to us. If we had known what was going on, I bet there would have been fewer angry people.

As to the gentleman that caused the issue. If he knew he should have gone easy, he should of, though I am glad for his family that he is recovering. Because of his actions, hundreds were inconvienced and I am not glad about that.

lswgirl13 said...

WOW, some interesting views!
First off, great job Derek!
@Anon - I would have done my utmost to explain to the potential employer what happened but I wouldn't have cut it that close.
But I agree with Squiggles and seeing as this happened at Union, GO should have gotten another CSA on that train immediately so it could leave "almost" on schedule. At the very least, they needed to announce to people what was going on. At the end of the day, I pay GO Transit to get me home on schedule. There are over 200,000 riders a day, shit is gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

In my defense, I was unable to arrange an earlier interview because this is a delicate situation where I am and the fact that I am looking for another job. Why should I have to explain that? I picked 6:15 pm for reasons that worked for me. Should I rearrange my life everyday in preparation for some guy I don't know could drop dead of a heart attack?

Anonymous said...

So in otherwords, you are saying that getting to a job interview is more important than somebody else living....I'm sure his family will be glad to hear that.

No...not a selfish jerk at all.

As has been suggested could have called and explained. If the company is so stringent that they can't understand a guy having a heart attack caused you to be late, are they really worth working for?

lswgirl13 said...

How about because people use excuses for everything everyday! The first Anon did have a legitimate reason for not being able to make the appointment.
I am seriously glad this story had a happy ending but people die everyday. When I've known the person obviously it's upsetting and in some cases, heartbreaking, but if I don't know the person or their family, sorry, I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it. Go ahead, call me a cold-hearted bitch, I get tired of the bleeding hearts.