Monday, September 19, 2011

Should have used the accessibility ramp

This was sent via picture message to my Blackberry. With no description. I texted the person back and got no response. That was five days ago. So ... I can only hope this wasn't someone who was bucking it for a GO train at a station along one of the corridors. If it was, I hope to God he's all right.

My trained eye tells me this photo is staged. So don't panic. Look at how the crutches have been placed. Not to get all Matlock on you, but you'd think the crutches would have landed on the ground after sliding down the stairs. Right? No? Is it real?

Does this mean my headline grants me a one-way ticket to Hell? Aw c'mon, if you laughed, you know there's a spot reserved for you in that handbasket.


samantha said...

But I did LOL.

Anonymous said...

I sent you the picture. I feel bad because it was impulsive but at least you realized it was fake. I saw and figured you'd find it funny. I didn't think you would do anything with it. Hope you're not mad.

jim m. said...

uh, ok anonymous ... why not just say that from the get go??? is it a stock image because now it all makes sense.

C.J. Smith said...

I knew it!!!
Christ, I need to go play a game of Clue now. I'm rocking this detective stuff.

ps. I'm not mad. At least I can sleep tonight with a clear conscience.