Saturday, September 10, 2011

Door Donkeys - Know Your TCT Donkey

door don·key [Proun. door don-key] -s
Cousin to the stair hog

  1. GO commuters who board a train and stand right in the vicinity of the doorway, despite seats being available, making it awkward for other commuters to board. This behaviour often leads people to believe a coach is full, when in fact, seating is available in the upper level
  2. GO commuters who stand right inside the door frame in an attempt to hold the train for friends who are late (see below for an example)

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lsW Go-er said...

We have a door donkey on the 4:13 LSW, 3rd car from the end. She plops herself down near the door and then around Grenadier Pond gets up and positions herself a good 4 feet from the door and hogs all the space around thus preventing others from lining up behind her. Then when she disembarks she plods along like it's a sunny Sunday afternoon drive. I have also encountered her on the recently added 3:15 LSW and 3:43. Annoying to the say the least.