Thursday, September 15, 2011

About that GO Transit Strike

I guess you figured if no one talked about it, it would go away.

The deadline for contract talks has been extended.

Talks resume today.

But at least Metrolinx clarified who would be affected by a strike - those who use GO buses. Train service would not be affected. I don't know how this is possible but then again, Metrolinx doesn't like to talk too much to its customers about these things.

Thanks to Jennifer for the link to the CBC, who has more on this story.


rob said...

this contradicts what the go people had been telling us.
can't trust anyone it seems

mumzthewurd said...

The trains will be affected by all those people who normally take a bus trying to board overcrowded trains. Do they think we'll all just take a vacation? Don't forget, Lakeshore is the only line that runs in both directions, all day. The rest of us have limited, uni-directional, rush hour service. Buses make up for all off peak service. Many routes have no corresponding train such as those that service York, Guelph & Waterloo Universities.

Dan-1 said...

And on those rush-hour only lines if you happen to miss the last evening train home, you're SOL. No "Train-Bus"es for off-peak.

Get off at 12 and want to go home? Wait for the trains to begin at 4pm. Need to work late and live in Brampton? SOL. Miss your last train to Barrie? SOL.


Bicky said...

If the strike does happen it will affect the station attendants who won't be selling tickets, which will affect train riders. Unless you have PRESTO.

FYI: Presto cards are free until September 21 when you show your 10-ride or monthly pass and load a minimum of $10 on it.

Skin Man said...

I don't know if every station has them, but I suppose people could use the automated ticket selling machines....wouldn't that be funny if the strike resulted in people being trained to use those machines, and GO eliminated or significantly reduced the number of ticket sellers...Karma's a b*tch

Think of ATM's and bank tellers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but they'd have to change those machines. I think they currently only sell single ride tickets. No way would someone use that 2x a day, 5x a week.

Anonymous said...

The union would fight any kind of mass automation-replacing-humans. Cuz, that's what they do.

Speaking of strikes, an HR guy I know mentioned they'd probably go on strike after the election...don't want an election candidate threatening essential service or legislating them back to work as a platform for more votes!