Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Hell? What happened to the benches?

You know the ones. In the east Bay Street Teamway? Solid metal. Mesh pattern. Painted baby blue and white. The kind you see in a jail, in the visitation waiting area. Not that I've spent much time in jails but I've seen them on tv.

This bummed me out. I had some time before the 10:13 pm train last night and would have liked to sit for a bit. Take a load off. Rest my feet. Are they off to be spray painted? Maybe green and white? Oooh, that'd be edgy.


kary said...

They were there last Sunday, because I sat on one.
Kinda funny actually-I ran the Longboat 5k so I took the GO on Sunday. The train was pretty much empty on the way into the city, and I still had to move twice! There were two women who were so damn obnoxious I went and sat upstairs. About 10 minutes later they decided they wanted to sit upstairs too. Even with my ipod on i could hear their idiotic conversation so I moved again. On an empty train!

C.J. Smith said...

I hate that.

Kelly said...

It's only fair, since there are none in the York St. walkway!

C.J. Smith said...

That's true. I was told there were no benches at that side so as not to encourage the smokers to sit.

TomW said...

People aren't allowed to smoke in the York St teamway (it's enclsoed enoguh to count as 'indoors'), so that's a dumb reason.

More generally, GO is very bad at supplying seating. We don't all arrive 3 mins before out train, and a place to sit is always useful.

FRED said...

Bay West Teamway, although open, allows smoking but it's poorly ventilated.