Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nutty Conversations

Here are some text exchanges I've received over the past summer in regards to various dilemmas/randomness and my replies (in green and italics):

How do you know when some1 you see on the train everyday likes you?
Why did you truncate only someone?
That sounds dirty LOL. I don't really know the person I just think he likes me.
I meant in your sentence you wrote some1 but spelled everything else like a Rhodes Scholar.
Oh, thats just something I do. Sorry if it bothered you
I don't know if I'll ever get over it.
Ha ha, ok. Sooo, this just got awkard with you being a grammar nazi all of a sudden
It sure did. Asolutely.


Do you know why the GO Train doesn't take cash?
Please explain ...
I got on the train this morning and there was nowhere to put my money.
The hell? You mean like a coin dispenser box, like on a bus?
Did you go into the station?
Shit, am I in trouble?
You could be if you're still on the train.
Does someone check if I paid? How do they know?
It's random. You have to have a ticket before you get on the train.
So if I got caught I could just pay the ticket checker?
It doesn't really work that way.
Well for chrissakes if they'd put in fare boxes then I wouldn't look so stupid!!!


What train are you on?
Not on yet. Working late.
That's too bad. I bought you a coffee and figured you'd swing by my coach and we could chat.
Well that's really sweet. Can I ask what kind of coffee you bought?
Oh oh. Are you particular about the brand? Second Cup. Delish. do you like Second Cup?
I do but I always wonder about the name. Do people really buy another coffee after consuming the first one?
Ha, dunno. Good question though. But I think Last Cup coffee shop wouldn't really do well.
Nonsense. Think of the franchising opportunities for jails. Funeral homes ...
LOL Death Row coffee...
Ba ha hah. We're so going to hell.
Make room for me in that handbasket...


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Anonymous said...

I'll admit my first GO train ride I didn't know the fare procedures and ended up in the same confused position. It's not so obvious if you get in via one of the entrances away from the main station.

Squiggles said...

Yay for calling out the spelling! and she was wrong, it's not a grammar issue, it's a spelling issue.

GOTransitBitch said...

He he. You said truncate.

Anonymous said...

lol at bitch

Skin Man said...

I know I've said it before, but I absolutely love the text interactions....this one started off rocky and ended up with hugs all around! It's the randomness of it all.

And this was supposed to be a slow day!

C.J. Smith said...

I made my husband transcribe those just for you Skin my friend.

My call for content did yield responses! Parking donkeys and Presto woes. Will post later.

James said...

I have an idea for the next pole. How often do you get checked for tickets. A few times a year for me on the Milton line. More often when I've taken the Lakeshore line off peak hours.

C.J. Smith said...

I like that James!

Anonymous said...

Agree with James. Been on Milton line for 5 months and been checked twice!!!

C.J. Smith said...

Please note, these are three separate text exchanges. I apologize if that wasn't clear before. Gotta a few emails from folks thinking I was drunk.

Skin Man said...

I like James' idea as well. But I bet if we also offered number of times, but line and trip we would unvail some interesting trends.

I typically travel on LSW during rush hour, but occasionally take a mid morning or evening train and I am checked with greater frequency on the non-rush hour trips.

and CJ and your hubby - thanks for the chuckles!