Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5:41 a.m. war paint

Lovingly penned by Brent in Barrie


Don't know what it is about that train - perhaps the ungodly hour - but I've been subjected to 3 different women doing full application of their makeup 3 times now in the past two weeks.

The thing is, I don't even regularly take this train. I'm a 7:18am semi-regular, I only go in on the first train if my workload gets so heavy I have to get in early.

I don't brush my teeth or shave on the train, why do others seem to think it perfectly acceptable to do their personal grooming in full view of others?

I thought of taking pictures but that would be unfair to the privacy of the women involved, and frankly I'm not that big a prick. But a public shaming might be nice.
Yes, it has to be the ungodly hour!
It's gotta be a killer to get up at 5am to make a 5:41 am train and maybe these women haven't perfected the art of 10-minute makeup.
I personally don't understand why it can't wait until they get into work but I suspect this is how some women kill time.

Man, you're a nice dude but at the same time it's hard to take a photo of someone face painting and make it unrecognizable.


Uncle said...

Absolutely one of my biggest pet peeves on the train. It's disgusting.

lswgirl13 said...

I don't get that. There was this princess on the LSW I used to see and she was doing full-on manicures (I kept hoping for the polish to go all over her) and full make-up too, even to the point of using spray-on foundation which I'm sure others "appreciated" getting sprayed on them. The most I'll ever do is lipgloss in case I see my train crush, I want to make sure my lips are extra lucious!