Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm sorry I dropped my beverage on you. Well, not really ...

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After a very long day... I am finally on my way home on the goat train... Yes I said goat... And the chick beside me who has been slopping her chops the past 25 minutes with her big mac and fries just knocked her entire bottle of ice water onto my lap... She made no effort to help me clean up, no offer of a napkin. Just a surly look and a quickly muttered, "sorry". My pants are off-white in colour and soaked. Thankfully, I have a pashmina for a coverup.

Text message from 9054427423
To 416807XXXX

Would have grabbed her beverage container, waltzed to the bathroom, filled it with the water marked as "undrinkable" and offered it back to her saying, "Here's a top-up".
Note. If you can't manage a full meal on a train without having it land on someone, perhaps you should stick with granola bars.


lswgirl13 said...

It's just a matter of time before they ban food and drink on the train because of idiots like this that spoil it for the rest of the class! You were lucky it was just water.

Anonymous said...

hahaha yah right, you probably just pissed your pants.

kary said...

What's with people? The girl who spilled the drink and offered no assistance, and the comment above? Both pretty low on the class meter.

Anonymous said...

I know I am immature but I found @anon'c comment was funny!