Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ajax gets more parking ... sort of ...

Here's the official email from GO:

Ajax GO Passengers: As demand for parking at your station grows, on May 24th a new parking will open for use. Located south of the existing south lot, with access from O'Brien Crt, this new lot will provide parking relief by adding 300 new parking spots and will be connected to the existing south lot via an access road and pedestrian walkways.
This new lot will not only be available during the construction of your new parking structure but it will continue to remain in service even when this new structure is in place. To relieve traffic congestion with the increased vehicular capacity, there will be some changes to the two access routes into and out of the existing lot. The north access point on to Westney Rd. will permanently close, and the traffic gates to Fairall St. will close Mon - Fri between 4pm-7pm with access into and out of the lot via O’Brien Crt or the south access way onto Westney Rd.
We thank you for your patience during these infrastructure improvements.

And here's how it went for one person:

So the new parking lot was supposed to be open this morning. They put new lights just south of the lot and the idea is you turn left at that light, it will take you to the new lot and the access road which takes you to the old (south) lot where I park. Well I went to turn left at those new lights this morning but couldn't because the left lane was blocked off with pilons. So I kept going straight and all the exits were blocked off with big trucks!! OMG when are they going to get it together???!!!! Honestly, is everyone a complete moron who designs these new lots etc?
Another issue I believe is they are going to be blocking the exits off the older lot from 4-7 pm so that now everyone in both lots will have to exit out at the lights. That means two entire lots will have only ONE exit. who comes up with this SH*T??!!!!

This guy:


James said...

Ah the joys of leaving the GO parking lots. I swear my train ride is shorter than it takes to get to the main intersection outside the parking lot.

GO Rider Still Trying to Figure it All Out said...

Hmm... An old GO Train engineer (who happens to work for CP, being on the Milton Line) friend of mine once came up with an answer to your question "Who comes up with this...?" His answer goes something like this - "There is a department within GO Transit that is responsible for planning, implentation, and anything else that goes along with it throughout the system. That department is GO Figure."

TomW said...

You think it's bad now, wait until teh new parking structure gets built. Then you'll even MORE people trying to get out.

Kelly said...

It takes longer to get out of the Whitby lot since they built the new parking structure. Now I just sit in my car for 10m until everyone's gone and then I sail out. Reduces my stress level by miles.

Donna said...

it was pretty funny watching all the people try to get out at the entrance where they close from 4-7 now. there was a Go officer blockingthe exit with his car and telling people they all had to turn around and to out the other day. what a pain inthe ass.

Oh and there were still a few donkeys illegally parked and meanwhile there were only about 30 cars parked int eh new lot which was about 80% empty at 4:45 tonight.