Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Throw your dollar store chicken in the trash when you're done, m'kay?

JSkinner writes:

I'm on the 14:43 LSW ... as the train approached Exhibition, I noticed a strange, sickly smell... I looked down and found this on the seat next to me. I was distracted when I first boarded and hadn't noticed it.

Freaking pigs!!! Took the time to package all the trash together but couldn't get it to the can!

What I want to know is what Mario is putting in that chicken so that it can be sold in a can. I guess it's no different than tuna. But still ...


lswgirl13 said...

Dollarama is great for my dog's poop bags but chicken salad???

Unknown said...


Bicky said...

Can't bring myself to buy any food at Dollarama. To leave garbage on the seat is just gross and inconsiderate. Would love to be able to sentence offenders to cleaning the trains after a day-long run. *sigh* Alas, the court of Bicky only exists in my own little world.