Thursday, May 26, 2011

Short term memory loss. You should have that looked at

Submitted by Matt

GOstapo checking tickets this morning at Bramalea prior to the 7:30 and 7:38 trains leaving. No problem, right? Wrong.

They set up a barricade at the stairs going under the tracks to the platforms and several people just didn't see them and were forcibly stopped on the stairs while these two officers inspected tickets. The rest of us coffee-and-umbrella carrying commuters had to find a third hand to fish in bags/pockets for our passes. Bad choice of days for an inspection, and even worse choice of location.

The GOstapo then proceeded to get on the 7:38 train and check tickets again...we had barely gotten to Malton and the same two enforcement officers were asking to see my monthly pass again!

Can they not coordinate this any more efficiently?
Because of this guy:


Dan-1 said...

"They checked the tickets? Good, good. Number 2, have them check the tickets...again. Muhuhaha, muhuhaha, muhuhaha."

Skin Man said...

^LOL! When no photo is available....Dr. Evil to the rescue!

Just awesome!