Monday, May 2, 2011

Vote Day

I'm sure the candidates are out at the Oshawa GO station this morning. That's fine if you live in Oshawa and take the train. Personally, I don't see a GO station an effective place to campaign, especially one that services a percentage of a population that lives out of your riding.

Anyhoo ... did you know that your employer must give you three consecutive hours to vote (with pay) and must let you leave early or arrive late so you can vote?

Two words: extended lunch.

I have today as a vacation day so I'll be back online again tomorrow.


TomW said...

The election signs along the railway liens are even mroe pointless, as most peopel on eth train are travelling *through* the area. Also, I got off put one party after its workers blatnelty trespassed to put up signs beside the track.

Anonymous said...

The polls are open to 9pm. So your day ending at 5pm gives you 4 hrs to vote. Sorry but no extended lunch but no overtime today.

big mike in hr said...

It doesn't matter what time the polls close. You're allowed 3 consecutive hours at any point during the work day

Anonymous said...

All I know is that Mark Holland's people were still campaigning at the Ajax GO Station this morning. Something that I neither agree with because its a pointless activity nor do I believe its legal.

TomW said...

Polls open until 9:30pm, not 9pm.

Given the polls are open so long (12.5 hours), and that I can't vote, I want three hours off work to do something that could be done outside normal working hours.