Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Discretion, girl you don't have it

Who the hell arranges for auto insurance on a train ride?
Not only did this woman disclose her entire driving record, but her name, date of birth, workplace, phone number and... AND... Was perfectly content to give out her driver's licence information until the agent said it wasn't necessary.
Then, after listening to this once, all of us in this quad were subjected to an encore performance when her call dropped as we rambled through Rouge Valley.
I don't know about you, but if I had a shitty driving record, I wouldn't want to share that with strangers.
Maybe some people have no shame but all I wanted to do this morning was read my damn book and not listen to someone fight a quote price.
How about you?
Then the piece de resistance, girlfriend gets all pissed when the quote was too high and ends the call saying she'll stick with the online process.
The hell? What a waste of 45 minutes!
She owes me reading time.
I'm coming to Manulife to collect.


JK said...

Nothing beats my story of listening to a woman discuss her test results for her colonoscopy.

lswgirl13 said...

On the discretion thing, there was a guy a few months back sitting in the opposite quad from me. Well dressed, look successful, etc. ANYWAYS, he's on the phone and is finalizing things with a caterer and gives the person all his VISA info (name on the card, bank name, card number, expiry date) and then repeats it!!! Everyone around him were rolling their eyes.

James said...

Credit cards are protected for fraud. I wouldn't worry about those too much. The insurance is more worrying since you have to give way more personal info for an accurate quote.

Matt said...

Someone should have just slipped the broad a piece of paper which She’ll get the 5 cheapest quotes (theoretically) and can pick from there.

@lswgirl13 –Fraud protection exists for a reason. I don’t really care if people overhear my credit card number because of such protection. Prudence is one thing, of course, but if a situation arises where someone is GOING to hear my credit card information, I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

lswgirl13 said...

Very true James, but just shows a complete lack of common sense. I don't understand how some GO'ers use the train as their own personal office.

Dan-1 said...

...or their own personal bathroom.

Ron said...

Oh yes! I was near the doors and got to listen to all of Stephanie's personal details, twice. Including her G1 and G2 history as well as the quote number - three times. What I don't understand is that she stated her job as a bilingual coach, so why not conduct the conversation in french so that it could be more intimate?