Sunday, October 16, 2011

End of vacay ends with high note

We left the chalet early and decided to find a place for breakfast. There's not much open along Highway 60 or 11 at 9am on Sunday so we headed into Huntsville, just outside where Deerhurst Resort is located.

At the junction of 60 and 11 is a big box lot of stores and nestled in there, across from Wal-Mart (in cottage country! I'm still amazed to see big box stores in cottage country) is a small diner called Coffee Cabin.

With my breakfast special came a latke. With one bite, I was transported back 25 years when a neighbor of ours would make these every Christmas/Hanukkah season. The latkes at this place were just as good as Anna's, if not better. I wound up ordering a side order of 3 more.

As I've said before, I'm a foodie and when I find good food, I like to let others know. The breakfast we had at this place sure beat what we would have had at Tim Horton's! I was determined to find a place other than Tim Horton's!


Delia said...

I love Coffee Cabin! It's part of a franchise, tho. But this location is the best. We have a timeshare at Deerhurst and we made a point to have brekkie at Coffee Cabin a few times this past summer. Glad you had a nice vacay... looking forward to more GO stories!

Anonymous said...

Latkes or Potatoe Pancakes with sour cream are the BEST!!!!!

Algonquin Wanderer said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip! I've started wandering up on that side a lot more often and it is good to know that a convenient place like Coffee Cabin exists.

I've had the experience of leaving Limberlost for Algonquin Park at 7h30 and not finding ONE breakfast place between Limberlost Road, and the Park. The only exception was the Portage Store in the Park which opened around 8h00. The Portage Store has good food but if you are planning for a sit down meal, prepare to either have a permit on your car, or to keep a close watch out for enforcement officers.

Bicky said...

Glad to read you had a great time, CJ. But did you get the hot tub fixed up?

C.J. Smith said...

Hot tub is all good!

I'm glad I could share a good place to eat!