Thursday, January 10, 2013

Battle of annoyance

Today was one of those mornings on the GO bus.

After this gent got on and snorted about half a bottle of Dristan, which not only grossed the hell out of me but everyone sitting near him, this same man then whipped out his BlackBerry, set it to speakerphone and called into Rogers customer service. We all got to listen to the automated messages, all of the advertising, the bizarre hold music and then his entire technical support conversation about his home wireless set up.
A young guy sitting in front of him, who had just about enough of this nonsense, pulled out a pair of drumsticks and began drumming on the metal bar attached to his window.
I felt bad for the driver as this was turning into quite the gong show.
I guess the driver, after about 10 minutes of this crap, grew tired of the cage battle between these two donkeys, so he turned up his radio as loud as it would go and we all got to listen to an exchange between a driver and someone in maintenance about a loud knocking sound a bus was making.
Drummer and Dristan both got the hint and stopped what they were doing.
Eventually the bus driver turned off his radio.
I refrained from saying anything because I try to stay quiet and will others to assert themselves.
I grow tired of always being the one who gives the verbal beat down.


Squiggles said...

At least it ended peacefully. And from someone who has spoken up in a couple of different situations and had been beaten down by the rudeling in question, I tend to stay quiet now and will other people to say something.

No one will. We will all sigh, roll our eyes, and such. But no one says anything. I think its because we see 80% of these people every day and why make things more uncomfortable in the future?

Harith said...

Lovely show of passive aggressive behaviour.