Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ever wanted to pull off a shoe and beat someone with it?

I'd like to point a collective finger at all the jokers who sat with me in vicinity next to this jerk and waited 'til I said something to shut him up and did not give me a STANDING OVATION.

What jerk you ask?

For 45 minutes, several of us on a morning express LSE train were all subjected to this man on his cellphone who said nothing but "Ah-huh" the entire time. It wasn't so much the "ah-huh", but how he was saying it that was hella annoying. I had to squelch all desire of beating him with my shoe.

Sure, there was plenty of eye-rolling, sighing, throat clearing and posturing from those who sat near him but only I had the balls to finally say something.

Of course, the jerk wasn't happy about me telling him how annoying he was and told me I was rude as he stalked off the train. I called after him to go hug a puppy until he felt better but I don't think he heard me.

I didn't think to record what was the most nerve-grating, one-sided, cellphone conversation in history, but here's a re-enactment by yours truly. Pretend you're riding on top of the train as you watch my crappy video.

Loop it for the full effect.



deepfish said...

Ah huh....

mumzthewurd said...

23 seconds and I had to turn it off.

Unknown said...

I only made it 21 seconds. I would've killed him.

Anonymous said...

I made a woman make that sound once.