Monday, January 14, 2013

Copy Pasta

Kim Hughes over at the The GridTO compiled a list of terrible TTC commuters.
Copy pasta what she wrote to GO Transit, and voila!

She never used "donkey" once in her lambaste. Good girl, Kim.



AllanVS said...

Ok. I will admit to hating #1. I don't do it during rush hours. However... if I am going 1 or 2 stop I WILL do it... and stand near the front. It is far easier than taking it off and putting it on again 2 minutes later. (This is usually between Finch and Victoria Park and Seneca... ) So I apologize for my horrible behaviour.

Bicky said...

Whenever I hear the word "donkey" I hear it as said by Shrek. ;o)

ExGOnowTTC said...

Missing the most annoying TTC behaviour of all. The seat jockeys. Especially the ones who covet single seats on streetcars.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% about backpacks. Here in Kitchener-Waterloo on our #7 or iXpress buses the backpackers are plentiful. Just last week, I had to politely request one guy to watch where he aimed his backpack as it was literally in my face and could have easily hit me if the bus stopped suddenly and he lost his footing.