Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nice parking, donkey

- Submitted. Burlington GO


Anonymous said...

It looks like that person could even have moved forward! They could have corrected their parking position then. :$ Also, if they were rushing, and they can't park right, then they should leave earlier. I suck at parking if I'm trying to do it too quickly, so I try to leave time to make adjustments. (I am SO jealous of those who can just drive into a spot in the blink of an eye!!!)

Anonymous said...

In "fairness" (in all honesty I detest those frikking huge ass trucks), who's to say how close to the line the vehicle on the left was, thereby limiting "Pete/Petra Parker's" ability to open the door and dash for the train. Tired of door dings from those suckers. :S

ExGOnowTTC said...

I think i'm going to buy a Hummer that's just back from Afghanistan and park it next to these big ass trucks. Then ding the feck out of them.