Thursday, January 17, 2013

Well THAT was embarrassing!

I fell. Down the stairs at Union Station. I'm okay but my purse is not and neither is my lunch.

I'm not sure what happened but the strap of my purse caught on something, eventually snapped and I went airborne. We're talking knees first to the pavement, glasses flying off and purse contents scattering.

I owe a lot to the people around me. A lady saved my glasses (thank god!) and another lady helped me gather up my lunch - what we found of it. My crap was EVERYWHERE. I never did find my Purell, nor my pride.

I had to buy a new bag. That's one of the benefits of working downtown and having the PATH at your feet. Shopping at 8 am isn't a problem. Thank you, Danier Leather.


Dib said...

Oh, CJ, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope that you are ok - you might want to visit a walk-in clinic to get checked out. Thank goodness there were people who helped you.

Take care.

Bicky said...

Sorry to hear about your tumble, CJ. Sometimes the damage to your pride is way worse than any physical pain.

I have burst into tears not because I've hurt myself but because I'm so danged embarrassed.

Danier has some good stuff on sale this week. Hope you got a nice purse. :o)

C.J. Smith said...

I'm rocking a fabulous new bag!!!
I'm okay, Dib. Pinky swear.

Kelly said...

Don't be embarrassed. I always feel bad if someone falls in front of me and I try to help them. No one thinks badly of someone who falls. Glad you saved most of your stuff. Dropped my iPad coming down the stairs at home the other day (didn't realize the case was unzipped) and it is NOT okay :(

TomW said...

Ever go in the PATH at weekends? It's all closed and dead... rather creepy, actually.

C.J. Smith said...

The PATH is rather ominous on weekends.

Oh Kelly, sorry to hear! I admit, my tablet was the first thing I checked. It survived.

Dakota said...

Glad you are okay CJ. I have fallen down enough stairs in my life I take them slow. So if see a slow girl to the right hand side of the stairs please feel free to go around as I am not speeding up.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the new fancy bag.

Mark H said...

You're not the first and you won't be the last. I've caught myself a few times taking a tumble while going up the stairs when my mind drifts too far from the task at hand.

Hopefully the only thing still hurting is that pride.

Leesa Renee Hall said...

I can soooooooooooooooo relate.

It was back in the late 90s. My sister and I were in NYC and we were dropped off at Penn Station to catch the bus back to Toronto. Due to traffic, we now only had a few minutes to run and catch the bus going to Toronto. If we missed it, it'd mean waiting 10-hours for the next one.

Back then, luggages had 2 small wheels on one side. You had to tilt it forward in order to make use of the wheels. But the wheels were useless. Every time I started to jog, the luggage would wobble and fall on its side. And every time the luggage fell over, it broke my stride as I had to stop, pick it up and start my run all over again.

Only a set of stairs separated us from the bus platform. We only had 3-minutes to go before the bus would leave.

As I descended down the stairs (with my sister behind me), the luggage was too heavy for me to hold. I tried to negotiate my bulky coat, my high heel boots, the stairs and the luggage all while frantically keeping my eye on the clock. Eventually, the luggage took leave of my hands and as I reached out to grab it, I fell on to my stomach. As my sister screamed, I and the luggage bumped our way to the bottom of the steps side-by-side, almost in unison.

The good news is that we caught the bus. You see, the commotion of me and the luggage practically cartwheeling down the steps caught the attention of the driver in the Toronto bus. As my sister and I boarded the bus, the driver's face was red and it was all he could to stifle his laugh.

I have never forgotten that day. And sadly, CJ, you'll never forget the day you fell down the stairs either. It makes for a good story, though.

C.J. Smith said...

Nope, I sure won't but your story totally tops mine.

AllanVS said...

In grade 10, I fell UP 5 stairs, then down 10. :(

Sylv said...

I am glad you weren't (physically) hurt. Last year I fell on the stairs going down, nobody in front of me. Landed on one step, feet against the riser, knees over the edge of the step, with no way to get up unassisted. Fortunately someone did help me up and escorted me down the stairs where I insisted I was just fine, thank you, before limping my way to work.

Anonymous said...

I fell down those stairs 2 years ago and broke my wrist.

C.J. Smith said...

It appears a busted purse pales in comparison to what some of you have experienced.