Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't you just love the folks who always have to make their exasperation known?

There are two parts to this email from Lori M. In part one, she observed our good friends the Triple Ds making an effort to reform by actually boarding trains from the correct platform. Sadly, it won't last.

In part two she outlines an annoying habit a few passengers have and that is to audibly announce their displeasure at someone or something by making grandiose gestures, posturing or sighing loudly.

Lori notes, "On the train coming home, someone or some people (I could never get a clear glimpse of the culprits) had some problem with "The doors are closing, stand clear of the doors" announcements. At every single stop after the announcement was made, an audible sigh could be heard. I felt like going up to whomever was doing this and telling them off. Repeated announcements can be annoying, but unfortunately, some people do not possess common sense and need to be told over and over.
But repeated announcements become even more annoying when some donkeys decide to let everyone else know they find it annoying. I personally dub this person(s) the door warning donkey or DWD."

I like it.

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