Friday, July 5, 2013

And here's Ollie with the weather... Ollie? IT'S HOT!!!

People are dumb. So dumb they'd return ice cream to the store for it being too cold kind of dumb.

I'm on the bus this morning, sweating like a mofo after my brisk 1.8 km walk to the GO bus stop from my daughter's sitter's house, and this girl is sitting a ways over from me in a coat, with fur collar, fanning herself with a newspaper and fiddling with the overhead vents desperately seeking air.

Jesus Christ, take off your coat! It was agonizing to watch her. I was sweating for her.

See? Cray-cray kinds of dumb.

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Squiggles said...

Seen at union yesterday: Sweater dress, tights, boots, jacket. And yesterday was warmer than today.

Wonder what that woman will be wearing after the weekend, you know, when the this set mini-humid-heat=-wave-ish crappy weather kicks into high gear.