Thursday, July 18, 2013

Got on the wrong train? Just push the emergency strip. It worked for this clown!

from: AL
date: Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 6:27 PM
subject: Alarm abuse
New low on the GO: dude realizes he's on the wrong train the moment the doors close at Union. So he presses the EMERGENCY ALARM then calmly waits by the door to get off.

Five minutes later, as the car sits on the platform with 1,400 waiting passengers, the emergency crew arrives. He says he wants to get off. They open the doors and he exits, easy peasy. Not a word of warning.

This assface will do it again. Guaranteed.


April said...

I was on a LSE train making all stops (I think it was a weekend) when they were doing construction at Scarborough. The CSA announced at Union, again as we were exiting Danforth and again before we pulled into Scarborough, that the doors would not open in the first however many cars.

A group of people started to run through the train in a panic when we got to Scarborough and their door didn't open. One of them pushed the alarm so the train wouldn't leave.

CSA was pissed, but nothing was done.

This isn't a "new" low. Makes me wonder why the strip says "fine for penalty or misuse".

Jack C. said...

I think I'd leap to the defense of the false alarmer. I'd say, "Hey! Take it easy! This guy just suffered a traumatic brain injury. Get the paramedics!" When he looked quizzical and asked what I was talking about, I'd say, "Oh. You didn't suffer a traumatic brain injury? I just assumed. It was the only thing I could think of that would explain doing something so idiotic."

calvinhc said...

The fine for misuse of the emergency strip is the same for smoking in non-smoking areas: there isn't one (rules don't exist if their consequences are not applied).

Back in the early 90s, I used to ride the LSE to downtown where I worked with a colleague who came in from Newmarket on the (then) Bradford train. I recall him telling me that almost once per month on his homebound train someone would realize they were not on the LSW train when they branched north just east of Exhibition. Back then, the train would make an unscheduled stop at St. Clair to let off the person and leave them to find their own way back to Union on the TTC. They don't do that anymore.

Anonymous said...

I had this happen to me once too on the LSE, we were delayed 20 minutes and it cost me $10 extra at daycare because some idiot pushed the alarm when he realized he was on the wrong train.
I wish just once that the CSA would do something about these morons who incovenience everyone.

Mark chow said...

And why isn't these people being fined or imprisoned. Doesn't it say so on the strip.

Anonymous said...

Me first attitude strikes again.