Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is there something logistically wrong with Danforth GO Station that causes people to climb the fences between platforms?

This guy eventually fell and tumbled onto the track. These are the people who set the wheel in motion for hour-long delays while the police are called in to investigate these idiots (as in this previous post). Few are charged. Almost all are let go with a warning.

I say enough of this crap. I bet you $50 this guy does this all the time.

One day his luck will run out.


Anonymous said...

and then we have a three hour delay while we wait for the coroner to conclude it was death by stupidity

Bicky said...

I'm going with laziness. They just don't want to walk to the end with the tunnel to get to the other platforms.

Michael Suddard said...

Bust out your water guns as soon as he is at top of fence. That would be hilarious!