Thursday, August 1, 2013

I won't subject you to the photo

I can't even look at it without feeling bile rise to my throat.

N.H. emailed me a pic of a mess left behind by a GO train passenger that included a good ol' farmer's hanky right onto the ledge of the window.

I... I can't post the picture. I can't do that to you. I love you too much.

But I have to ask. Why is society so gross? I spend a lot of time talking to my neighbours who are mostly elderly and were teenagers in the 1950s. They speak fondly of manners, etc., and I love listening to their stories of life in the GTA at that time.

That's not to say people weren't rude then, they were ... but one did not see the sense of entitlement exhibited in society today such as feeling justified in leaving a mess and some genetic code behind on a public commuter train.

What comforts me is that I know, just by browsing Twitter, that I am not alone in yearning for people to show some courtesy. We just seem to be a very small minority these days.

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Gord said...

Thank you, CJ for thinking of us ... and our lunches.