Friday, August 2, 2013

Let's play double-douche

This is why I don't like to wear white pants.

But even still, every day when I get on a GO train I am fully aware I am most likely sitting on a seat where someone's shoes have rested and left behind:

- snot
- spit
- phlegm
- other DNA
- food
- dirt
- gum
- urine
- feces
- bacteria

... and other crap that only a Scientist can name.

The bottom of your shoes aren't clean. If you've schlepped your way across Yonge Street and through Union Station and stopped at a washroom along the way, you've got stuff on your shoes that you've just passed onto other people's clothing.

The only comfort I have is knowing that these same people are probably also sitting in someone else's filth, hopefully it's dog poop.


April said...

Scientific fact: The bottom of your shoes contain more bacteria than a toilet.

Anonymous said...

I remember when CSAs used to remind people to keep their feet off the seats but they don't seem to make that announcement anymore.

(I can't believe that people actually need to be told not to put their feet on the seats.)

C.J. Smith said...

Me too!

Bicky said...

Sheldon has bus pants, I might start wearing train pants.

Or maybe I'll roll out some paper towel to sit on. Make a big production out of it and throw it down with some flourish.

Ha! That won't get me some weird looks.