Friday, August 9, 2013

LOL @ "fertility enthusiasts"

from: DM
to: ""
date: Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 4:20 PM
subject: Bags AND feet! (edited)

Hi CJ,

Big time blog reader, first time submitter.

So I've taken my seat on the northbound Barrie train when what I thought was a field trip of first graders starts making their way into the quiet zone. As this pack continues to board I realize this isn't in fact a day camp, but a family of what appear to be "fertility enthusiasts" - judging by the fact they have six kids all around the age of  seven and an older brother. The nine of them take up three quads with kids, backpacks, luggage, shopping bags and feet. EVERYBODY SAT DOWN AND TOOK OFF ALL THE SHOES!
But, I have to give these beleaguered parents small props for their perpetual "SHHH"ing of their kids (which did keep them at a dull roar).
Too bad they couldn't coax their kids to keep their stank paws in their flip flops .... managed to catch a pic of the older brother. Nice dirty paws he has!


Anonymous said...

triplets age 6
girl 8
boy 7
boy 9
boy 12

7 kids?

I'm guessing...

Skin Man said...

fertility enthusiasts - HA!

Squiggles said...

Obviously the parents need something else to do on a Friday night.