Sunday, August 4, 2013

Drunk dialing or mis-dialing? You be the judge

*** UPDATED (text message exchange below)

I'm not sure if I was mis-dialed or if someone decided to troll my number from the website early this morning. I put the phone number on the site for a reason. Everyone is welcome to contact me, just not at 2 in the morning on a Sunday from a bus on a road somewhere in the GTA.

I was sound asleep and forgot to put my phone on mute/vibrate. I was startled awake by my ring tone (the theme song from the tv show Knight Rider). I answered without looking at the number because I wasn't fully awake and it could be my dad lying in a mess of broken bones at the bottom of the basement stairs dialing me with a pen between his teeth to tell me 911 is coming to take him to the hospital. It wasn't. I was greeted with loud background noise and voices of people talking.

I said hello one more time and was about to hang up when a man shouted, "Why didn't you come to Caribana, girl?!"

"Who is this?" I asked.

"It's usssssssss!" screamed a woman in the background and I realized I was on speaker. I could hear what sounded like brakes and a bus door being opened.

I collected my thoughts and then said, now that I was wide awake, "Oh my god you guys!!! Why didn't you pick me up?!! I waited at Bathurst and Lakeshore for over an hour!"

Long pause ... background noise.

Then a voice said, "We can come pick you up now!"

"Really?! Did the bus driver say he'd come straight to my house?! Get out!" I said.

"We're not on the bus," says one of the guys.

"You're totally on the bus. I can hear that you're on the bus," I said.

"We're in a limo!" Screamed the woman. "We're coming to get you!!!"

The man spoke, "We're too drunk to remember where you live! Give us the address!"

This is where one must be careful... and I took some time before answering. I'm not stupid.

"What you do you mean you don't remember where I live?" I asked. "This is your house. Well, it was your house but when you cheated on me with Leslie, I took it all in the divorce."

Another long pause ... background noise.

"Come on CJ, we're drunk. What's the street again?" The man said.

I raised an eyebrow. Only one person on this planet who knows me personally calls me CJ and it's actually pronounced "Siege". Folks who interface with me through this site and Twitter will refer to me as CJ. If we're friends offline, people call me by my first name.

"Ed," I said, "Stop screwing around... I'm going back to bed."

I hung up.

I checked the number. It wasn't unknown and had a 416 area code and the last name meant nothing to me.

I sent the person a text message this afternoon asking if they got home okay.

Here's what I got back:

Who is this?

CJ from

Do I know you?

You drunk dialled me last night!

I did?!

Yes. Have you ever been to my go train blog?

Um... OMG. Maybe... it sounds familiar. Maybe I've texted you before??!!! 

I don't know. You offered to pick me up. I said I divorced you.

What? I'm confused.

Me too.

I'm sorry about that.

What? The divorce? It's ok. Did you enjoy Caribana?

Yeah... ahhh.... how did you know I went to Caribana? Sorry.... I meet a lot of girls...

(I bet he does... )

Because you asked me why I wasn't there.

This is messed up. What's your first name?


I can't say I remember you... Again, sorry about that.

It's ok.

Ok. Well...this is awkward.

You started it...

LOL. Ok. Well, bye I guess.



FRED said...

Remember, you said it yourself, it's hard to troll a troll.
In my opinion, whoever called you was definitely drunk but not that drunk to realize it wasn't the person they thought they were calling so they figured they'd turn the tables on you.
You handled it brilliantly.

TomW said...

So, "Cassandra" told him something, but he didn't remember. Seems appropriate :-)