Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Don't worry, Karma has your back

This Crazy Train reader, A.M., arrived home after work at the Whitby GO Station last Monday (Aug 12) to be greeted with this:

No note. Not even a hastily scrawled message on the back of a paystub from a witness.

If you can't drive out of a parking lot without damaging another car, you shouldn't be driving. And if you hit someone's car, grow a pair and leave a note. At the very least, say you're sorry or something. Try to be decent, okay?


Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me a couple years ago.

File a police report and call your insurance company. It will be covered and you will be considered 0% at fault b/c the car was not moving. You will need to pay the deductible however.

It will not affect your premiums.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget to contact GO Transit Safety.

Anonymous said...

it makes you wonder which GO lots have cameras and if they're even on. and whether the camera was close enough to prove that a car scraped another.

my friend had this happen a couple years back but it was someone backing up into his brand new subara wrx that he had only had for 3 weeks.

he asked go transit if there was video footage and they basically told him they can't confirm or deny such footage.

cost him 600 bucks to fix.

Reg said...

It's my understanding, based on interaction with a person who had a hit and run resulting in $2000 damage to his car at Rutherford GO, the cameras aren't recording anything and the signage is meant to serve only as a deterrent. GO/Metrolinx assumes no liability for what happens to vehicles on their lots. You really are parking at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

yup. this is why i park at the end of the row with my tires on top of the yellow line. no one to the right of me and lots of space to the left. try and minimize the possibility of these things happening.

Anonymous said...

Once again people...if your car gets hit in a parking lot while parked, your insurance covers you with no affect on your premium.

Anonymous said...

If you have a $1000 deductible like most people 35 and under, there would be no point in putting any of the damage through insurance.

The only people I know who have $200 to $300 deductibles are people way older than me (34) or my parents age where (65) they've been with the same insurer for 40 years.

If I were to drop the deductible on our family cars from $1K to $300, I would see my premium rise by $60 a month.

We've tried this in the past, it's crazy and we've only ever made one insurance claim in the 14 years my husband and I have been together and it was for damage done when our car was stolen and the deductible was actually waived.

Anonymous said...

thank you for setting this troll straight.

Pete Campbell (former Bombardier employee and Crazy Train Lurker no more!) said...

Why on earth would anyone pay more to save less?

I've driven claims-free for 30 years. Our deductible is $800. I can afford that if I ever had a major claim. But there is no way I'm gonna give the insurance giants $60 more of my money every month just to say a few hundred $$$ at the time of a collision.
That's just stupid.

Anonymous said...

This is why I love winter so much. The snow covers all the lines and I park like a donkey...a donkey with fewer dings and dents, mind you.

AM said...

Thanks for the comments, all. That's actually my car in the photo. Truth is, it's not even really about the money that it will take to get it fixed (though admittedly that part sucks and getting it fixed is a pain) but the fact that whoever hit the car didn't feel the need to take responsibility for it. If you hit and damage someone's car, you know you've done it, so do the decent thing and at least leave a note.

Anonymous said...

Pete, your premiums will not go up if you make a claim while your car was parked. You are considered 0% at fault. So if the damage is $1,500and your deductible is $800..then you save $700 by going through insurance.

And to the person that called me a troll...really? I'm a troll b/c I've stated a fact based on my own personal experience after having my car damaged by some ass in a GO lot.

For the record, I'm not defending the d-bag that hits a car and takes off. I was pissed when it happened to me.

Oh, and even if you do have a deductible, lots of body shops will repair the car for less than what the insurance adjuster rates the cost at.