Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guess these folks missed all the stickers about where to park the bikes

However, they did manage to cage in the bag rider. But God forbid anyone need to use the aisle!
It's difficult to steal a bike on a train.
One, you'd have to get the doors open. Two, ain't nobody gonna mount the bike and attempt an extreme jump from the doorway to the moving ground below.
Bikes belong where the stickers indicate to store them.
If can't play along, ride your way to Toronto.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the bike area was occupied?

C.J. Smith said...

If it was, bikes still don't belong in the aisle.

Bicky said...

Looks like they might be in the middle level of the coach. Hope it wasn't a rush hour train.

Anonymous said...

If it's occupied you take your bike to the next coach.

FRED said...

So they carried the bikes up the stairs?!!

What if I had to shit real bad?