Sunday, August 18, 2013

Geeking out over the GO Transit logo

Up until last week, I only ever noticed the stylized G in the GO Transit logo. I never noticed the sideways "T" that makes it way into the O and cuts it in two. It wasn't until I read a status on Twitter from someone who pointed it out that I saw the logogram.

All I ever focused on were the lines that made the G a "G". I never studied the logo at length. You probably never did either and you probably don't care about the logo, but if you do, read on. I'm a graphic designer. I live for this kind of stuff.

An article was found by Twitter user @MonorailDriver written by graphic designer Greg Cunneyworth (GO has nothing on their website about the brand's history) who became enthralled by GO's logogram when on a trip to Toronto. The logo was designed by Frank Fox, who worked out of a Montreal ad agency. Cunneyworth's paper, The design history of the GO Transit logo, is an interesting read.

I think GO Transit's website could benefit from a historical timeline about the brand. The logo's colour, officially known as "GO Green", was picked because it matched Ontario's highway signs. Interesting, right? I think so.

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TomW said...

... and now it's being replaced by three different greens. :-(