Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ajax parking garage opens, people still park like douchepicks

On Monday, all Ajax GO Transit customers were treated to free coffee and doughnuts by the folks at Metrolink to celebrate the grand opening of their car hotel, a $54-million, parking garage superstructure spanning six levels and offering 1300 parking spaces.

Yet, there's always one. This guy.

Recently a friend admitted to me that when she used to park at Ajax, she kept a can of silly string in her purse and she would spray the cars of parking donkeys.

It's not a bad idea.


DF said...

that's a fabulous idea!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh and it was 2 guys. the silver car on the far right was also a donkey. 2 lone donkeys doesnt make a right :)

Anonymous said...

I thought the ugly green metalwork was some sort of temporary safety device used during construction.

Squiggles said...

Nope. That green is there to stay. I figured as much when I saw it going up near the end of construction.

As for these donkeys, I wonder what they will do if they are towed? And once the garage is fully operational and the spare lots are closed, GO needs to tow. There is no reason for this behaviour any more (I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that there weren't any spots in any parking lot when they arrived).

Anonymous said...

Just a question. are all these 1300 cars supposed to exit the parking lot? The lot was already a nightmare to get out of. Is Metrolinks opening up a new road we are not aware of?

Squiggles said...

Nope. No extra roads. But if I remember right, they are supposed to start using the barriers that block the South Lot from the North Lot to control the flow of vehicles. At least if they do that, it will only be a war between the Parking Garage, the Buses and those too lazy to use the Kiss and Ride and use the daycare lot instead.

It is times like this that I am glad that I take the bus to and from. No extra headaches for me.