Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Look at all this money being spent

Metrolinx is repainting the green limos.

Awesome. How much is it costing?

There's nothing wrong with the current brand colours.

What's needed is more money for by-law enforcement and transit safety officers. Metrolinx also needs to consider creating a new position which I feel I would be a top candidate for - a manners and courtesy enforcement officer. All I need is a jaunty pink hat and clipboard. I'll take care of the rest.

Plus, I'm cheap. Just pay my fare.

Photo kindly supplied by Rail


Squiggles said...

I could understand the repainting if, and only if, the coaches caught in the flood waters were damaged and needed to be repainted (though I think it might be cheaper to just replace them/use them for salvage).

But seriously, I think they are doing this as a "quick fix" for their image. Instead of making substantial changes, they are doing what is the cheapest thing to help improve their image.

On a side note, maybe add cleaners to the list of people to hire. The coach I was on (the third run I think) was disgusting and had candy strewn all over the place. You know it hadn't been cleaned in a while.

C.J. Smith said...

This morning I sat on a seat whose cushion looked like someone forgot the "wings".

You know what I mean?

Fucking gross.

Squiggles said...

Ugh. Those are last resort only seats.

And now I need another shower (and not because of the heat).

Anonymous said...

And a chainsaw!

Anonymous said...

They paint the cars as regular upkeep anyway. Now when they do it, it will just be the new colours.

C.J. Smith said...

I'm ok with a paint as they go but not, Hey, we just painted those cars. Let's paint them again!

Anonymous said...

They don't paint them as frequently as Anonymous seems to imply. While refurbished cars are repainted, the paint on the oldest of the new MP40 locomotives is hardly 7 years old, and still in good shape. That locomotive was hardly in need of new paint, but they'll likely paint them all before long...just to "rebrand" everything at the cost of riders' fares.

TomW said...

The black portion across the bottom of the coaches hides the destinctive octagonal shape.
Also, I see three shades of green clashing. They need to pick *one* green.

Anonymous said...

And of course they hired a branding expert or designer to tell them to slightly change the shade of green.

Anonymous said...

It even made today's newspaper:

some of the comments are pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the green was meant for camouflage

Somedudeguy said...

Hell man! Thats one hell of an ugly paint job! The original look is best! It's clean and simple. If they really needed to (rebrand) Look how NorthStar transit does there rail cars!

George said...

The cost of painting those car that ugly combo doesn't come out of the fares we pay. GO recovers about 80% of the cost of operations from the farebox meaning every ride you take gets a 20% subsidy from the province. It's about the best return in North America. The painting comes from the capital budget that's 100% provided by the province. They're not wasting your fares, they're wasting your taxes!
Feel better now?