Friday, July 26, 2013

Well someone's upset

Don't worry, I'll transcribe:

To the CSA who find this
Give my regards to the moron who dreamed this bullshit up. This brochure is as useless as the paper it's printed on. No wait, that's not true. I can use it to wipe my ass but instead I wrote you a note. I asked you to make an announcement explaining how the Quiet Zone works because of the bullshit I was putting up with in my carriage. Instead you handed me this brochure and told me to give it to the person bothering. You limey coward. Is this what your boss who came up with this crap really expects you to do or are you afraid someone will beat the snot out of you.
In retrospect, GO didn't want to spend money enforcing this shit so they rolled this into your job with no increase in pay, right?
I suggest you all fucking riot because the Quiet Zone is a complete and total crap and passengers who requested it are obviously being given the middle finger. Here, here's your Quiet Zone, you wankers figure out how to make it work.

- Submitted


MATT said...

Rant of the year, right there.

Anonymous said...

Gotta laugh.. Cause it's funny .. And it's true

Anonymous said...

I just read on Twitter that GO asks passengers to enforce "quiet Zone", they won't enforce the policy themselves.
This is becoming a repeating trend with GO. They have policies but won't enforce them but push it on to someone else.
Buses are the biggest joke for this right now. Double decker buses carrying 6 bikes inside the bus, taking up 6 seats which are suppose to be for people with disabilities.
Some drivers enforce the 2 bike rule (bike rack) but others turn a blind eye because GO puts pressure on the driver to resolve it even if it compromises safety.
Why make rules if you they won't even attempt to enforce them?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused? Limey but uses the word wanker soooo methinks he/she meant slimey coward? Not limey. Anyhow, carry on then.

Unknown said...

Gotta be from across the pond ... bloody wanker can spell, but doesn't appear able to draw a comma.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing.

CSA said...

Bombardier has offered us no extra pay and no extra time to deal with the quiet zone. So don't be surprised when you get handed a brochure like that.

Do feel free to tell your CSA what you think about the quiet zone as it has been requested of us to collect customer comments.

Anonymous said...

So the people on the bottom floor are allowed to go hog wild?

If GO can take the time on every trip to repeatedly ask people to mind the quiet zone, they should use that time instead to ask EVERYBODY to keep their feet off the seats, bags off the seats, and noise level to an acceptable level.

Keep repeating until it sticks...or not...meh..I don't really care anymore.