Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This guy. Like a boss. Swam from the Richmond Hill GO train last night

Photo by Veronica Chiu via Inside Toronto

Lots of folks tweeted about him. He apparently used his laptop bag as a paddle board. He was sick of waiting to be rescued.

Swim, Forrest! Swim!


Anonymous said...

Now that's what you call thiscrazypassenger! But, its sad how response rescue took so long.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, swimming through a swollen rushing river of sewage is much less dangerous than waiting on a stopped train.

C.J. Smith said...

Not my cup of tea.

The sense of entitlement that I've been reading from many GO commuters is making my head spin.

Unknown said...

Is this the guy that got stuck in the tree and had to be rescued anyways? I saw that rescue on the news.

He could have stayed on the train and waited for the dinghy -- and instead decided to try and swim, got stuck in a tree and got rescued by the dinghy after hanging out in the water...uh, yeah, smart choice.

Anonymous said...


The dinghy never came for most of us. we walked off the train on foot after the water went down. had the water not went down so quickly after 11pm, we would probably still be stuck in the train, waiting for the dinghy to rescue people 4 at a time.

C.J. Smith said...

I noticed this was a factoid the media and GO transit left out of their reports.

Instead, the great rescue during the GO Flood of 2013 was levitated to a Titanic-esque type of rescue complete with a Carpathia moment of heroics.