Thursday, July 4, 2013

He had me at 'spare extenstion cord'. MegaBus commuter gets electrified

This email comes from Allan VS:

Just to show how much worse MegaBus (aka Coach Canada) is than GO at times... PS. I'm deserving of being in WhiteTrashRepairs for this jerry-rig.

We left Montreal at 5:30pm. We arrived in Kirkland around 6pm.
At 6:10 the girl in the quad w/ table across from me finds out her power outlets aren't working.
Me, being a computer geek + former boy scout, have a spare electrical extension cord handy.

The problem?
We need to keep the aisle clear so we can't have the cord dragging on the ground.
The hand rails.

The rest, is history as they say.


Unknown said...

I had you at 'spare extension cord'? Better not let your hubby know I am wooing you ... I dun wanna be 'the other man'. LoL

Anonymous said...

So, did it work? And by that I mean did you pick up the girl?

Unknown said...

She had an iPhone. I didn't try to pick her up.