Thursday, October 31, 2013

And the contest continues at Smoakville!

from: MM
date: Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 5:19 PM
subject: Sometimes you get greedy...

This morning my whole schedule was thrown off, so I thought the game was going to be over for this week (see previous).

But this afternoon I got a chance to drop by the station while doing other car errands in the neighbourhood.

The parking lot was crowded (naturally) but I lucked into a space. It was far enough away from the station that I though seriously of not even trying... but I was curious to see if the afternoon was any different from what I'm used to (early morning and late evening).

The first thing I noticed was the afternoon is only totally a different kind of environment. In the morning, there are few people outside the building, but most of those outside are smoking. The ratio of smokers in the afternoon is a lot lower, but the size of the crowds is so much larger that the overall number of buttsuckers dwarfs anything I have seen before 7:00. Trains come in, and seconds later the area is filled with people lighting up as they come out the entrance to the passage. I missed three or four great shots because I was just amazed at the richness of photo ops available.

The first two shots included are of a guy who was out in front of the station after the crowd thinned. I think I got a bonus when he bent over and spit on the ground... two antisocial behaviours documented for the price of one. I think those shots would probably have satisfied my criteria for the week, but - like the title says - I got greedy.

I had seen at least one thundering herd of nic-freaks and I wanted a shot of a smoker stampede before I left.

Unfortunately, time was ticking down on my twenty minute self imposed contest rule... and no train was due in.

Then this nattily dressed guy brushes past me and steps up beside the posted schedule board by the doorway and lights up. Unlike the expectorating chap, this guy was dressed to the nines. He had that useless yet overpaid  look you find only in certain corporate lawyers and sports commentators.I snapped off one or two frames from about three meters away, then decided to call it a day.

I was halfway across the spacious parking lot when I heard someone calling out for someone to stop. I turned, and Mr-Overdressed was striding to close the 40 meter or so distance between us. I can practically write the convo beforehand.... but this guy shad some disturbing novelty to his act.

"Did you take my picture back there...?"


"You can't take my picture without my permission." From his tie and suit I had thought he might be a lawyer... guess not.

"No, sir. Anything that can be seen in a public place is fit to be photographed."

I had to stop only to look both ways  because my car was across an exit lane of traffic. Other wise I would have kept walking.

"Who are you?"

"I don't have to tell you that."

"Why did you take my picture?"

"I don't have to tell you that either."

Now the disturbing part...

Buddy says "Yeah - I think I saw you taking pictures of a little girl with that camera. You must need your meds."

Now I wonder where THAT comes from?

I ask him to step away with his still lit smoke, as I am allergic. He keeps it up. So I call his bluff.

"Listen, sir, if you feel that way, call the police. I'll stay right here, but I'll ask you to step away with your cigarette..."

I step towards him to emphasize the point.

All of a sudden he's all about "Get back!"

So I turn and cross the lane. He starts walking away and we shout the usual trash talk at each other...

CJ - this guy is a leetle cray-cray... maybe your underdressed and overfurred  legal team would advise to  blur his pic?

Tomorrow the week is over - so far I'm batting 5 for 4 - a .1200 average .. I really didn't think it would be this easy. Even with my low opinion of Smoakville, I still held out hope that it couldn't be that bad.

...also noted - no enforcement to be seen.

I think that will be the next contest - a day count for spotting enforcement of ANYTHING at Smoakville station...

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