Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gather round kids! It's time for another tale of the Oakville aka "Smokeville" Smokers Club!

from: MM 
date: Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 7:11 AM
subject: Oakville Smoker's club - Click for previous posts

Hey CJ - new developments...

I have decided to change the rules - it is the only way I can be satisfied.

I mean - Enforcement and Signage are not acting any time soon - right?

So I've added three new rules - a week's challenge.

1) I will take pictures only of *NEW* members of the Smoakville Fraternity of Fumeurs - buttsuckers not previously photographed.
2) I will take my shots ONLY near the station building where the signs (such as they are) are most prominent.
3) I will spot and snap for only a twenty minute window - a time limit.
4) I will get one useable shot per weekday for a week

Those go along with my previous rules -

1) No shooting of GO employees (the point is to shame  GO into enforcing of public bylaws, not help IA Narcs)
2) Smoking has to be apparent in the shot
3) No shots of clearly mentally ill people

Monday was a morceau de gateau.
The guy actually stopped and posed for me - big smile on his face. Entitlement overflows.
Tuesday I got sworn at - par for the course.
This morning was different.

There were lots of smokers. But they were covered by the rules.

Like the guy I call "Moose" - big and hulking and quite obviously developmentally challenged. He smokes cigarillos out in front of the station. I've never seen him get on a bus or train - he just hangs around.
Then the guy from Tuesday comes around, sees me and the camera, swears and throws away his cigarette. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he was a protected species today... Waste of a good coffin nail.
Then around 5:57, a GO bus driver walks out of the station with a coffee and cig in hand.

My time was running low when this guy strolled up and lit up.
I got about three or four shots, but the one I sent - though a touch out of focus - is a classic. Smoke wafting out like a carcinogenic and allergenic rainbow effluent into the pristine predawn air...

He told me he didn't like his picture taken, so I stowed the cam and answered that maybe he shouldn't be out in public breaking no smoking bylaws then...

Two more days...

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