Tuesday, October 8, 2013

There is no way I could do this everyday


Anonymous said...

Not surprised given that I travel there daily. This is why they run a lot of double decker buses on this route. Its not uncommon for these buses to fill up with standing room only.

As to how to deal with this situation. Its simple. Depart before 7am and after 10am. Those times are less crowded

Unknown said...

When I attended Seneca@York and took the 60 Steeles West, if you got to the stop between 4:30 and 7:00pm, the kine up could be 200 people long. I started walking an extra 800 meters to Steeles Ave West, and taking express buses.
Also, rocket routes and ... well ALL routes out would be huge lines. Like Opening Day at Wonderland long.

TomW said...

Where are they all going to???

(Maybe we should replace the middle two lanes of the 403 and/or 401 with a GO Train line.... would move far more people than the lost lanes).

Unknown said...

TomW - put TTC & GO in the centre lanes, and we can save costs!
Replace the Sheppard subway line with the 401 Subway Line. Stations would be "above ground" with stairs reaching over the 401. :D

Anonymous said...


They're all going to York University. This is a very heavily travelled route during rush hour.

Anonymous said...

The bus from Kitchener to Sq 1 is always always full