Friday, October 25, 2013

Damn girl... what job you got?

Before you slam down your mocha frap in outrage at her copping two seats, she was snapped sleeping hardcore on a late evening train.

I can forgive her. How can you not? Girl looks broken. Even has the phone in her hand...


Bicky said...

That looks uncomfortable.

She works hard for the money!

Anonymous said...

Drinks after work!

Anonymous said...

Betcha she wound up at Willowbrook yard.

Anonymous said...

Person who runs this account your actually fucked
You have nothing better to do than take pics of people on the train
Get a life

C.J. Smith said...

... damn tct virgins. Always good for a laugh.
Yes, I'll be sure to pass along your sentiments to the hundreds of Instagram users. I'll get right on that. But first, a bottle of wine...

Anonymous said...

If you can forgive her why publicly shame her?

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