Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Younger demographic poses some challenges

Negative reaction often leads to an increase in traffic.
Feedback has not been kind.
My in-box is so full of nauseating retorts defending all the bad behaviour that drives most of us batshit crazy that I've resorted to just trashing without reading - something I never do.
I don't want to paint them all with a black brush. I know there are several younger passengers who don't like dirty feet on the seats or people who indulge in all your space, but they're overpowered by their self-entitled counterparts.
Surprisingly, not one email or tweet or instagram comment was in protest to anything about smoking.
There is hope.
To protect the integrity of the comments, I won't be allowing for insults, vulgar remarks or name-calling to be published. I'm not a fan of censorship but there's only so many times I can read the word "loser" and the phrase "get a hobby".
I'm sure you feel the same.


TT said...

These people really need to get a dictionary, there are so many better insults than calling someone a loser.

I studied biology in university, I used to call my brother prokaryotic.

GG said...


Oh not you, just adding an extra good insult :)

Sean said...

Just wanted to say, I enjoy looking at this site very much. It is informative, funny and chock full of shining examples of the stupidity of self-entitled folks. Keep on Riding This Crazy Train CJ! Kudos and cheers!

Peter said...

I love Troglodytes! They later became The Troggs and released songs like Wild Thing and Love is All Around. Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m a dinosaur. ;-)

But to your point, and TT's, a weak vocabulary is a sad thing and symptomatic of a weak mind.

Unknown said...

Super sonic idiotic disconnected brain infected overloaded cady coated frozen mucus eating dumb ass.
(My sister and I called eachotger that back in 1987. LoL)

Anonymous said...

I'm a young fan. And I hate when people think their bag can take up a seat or putting their disgusting feet on the seats. I especially hate when people think they have a right to smoke wherever. I'm 22 and I can't tolerate people smoking. That shit gives me an instant headache