Monday, March 9, 2015

How is this safe at highway speed? How about at *any* speed?

What you're seeing here is a Route 12 GO bus from last summer at the beginning of its journey to Niagara Falls.

In light of the recent GO bus fatality that happened in January on Highway 407, will GO Transit be reviewing procedures for Double Decker buses and its *unsecured* luggage and strollers that travel on highways with speeds in access of 90 km/hr? Unlike the MCI buses, Double Deckers do not have storage bays. Everything is stowed how you see it in the picture. How does this protect the driver? Or the passengers in the event of a major collision?

What would have happen if this Double Decker slammed into a guardrail? Everything not tied down, or piled near the driver, becomes a flying object, capable of causing serious injuries and possible death. Never mind the fact that bodies would be flung around like rag dolls if the bus were to roll down an embankment.

Scary, right? And a very real possibility.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. No.

This totally has to be addressed. As a driver myself, I wouldn't allow it. Sorry.

Skin Man said...

I don't understand why there aren't seat belts....yes those articles of luggage are death nugget, but you get thrown like a rag doll, which has to be just as dangerous.

C.J. Smith said...

Yes. At highway speed passengers are safer in an MCI with its row seating and cushioned seats. Buses like the Double Decker, it would be interesting to see the crash statistics on these, especially a roll over.

MCIs roll and can be survivable crashes. But if you're sitting in the seat right near the driver (who is belted in, but you're not) guaranteed you're flying through the front windshield, especially if it gives way during impact.

Iona Pintó said...

You're not on Route 12, are you? I commend your position on the matter, but when your supervisor's voice comes back across the radio with instructions to "accommodate", what options do you have? If you want to experience this shit show next Board Period, sign up for the Friday afternoon 12D crew; I'm assuming it'll be awarded to someone outside of NF.

Ali Gator said...

You're right, CJ, the 8000 series deckers have no cargo bays; the 8100 series buses have a cupboard of sorts at the back of the bus, but it can handle at most a couple of bikes and some handbags and small backpacks. Large items have to go on-board. And getting junk in and out of that rear compartment is a hazard in itself.

It should be noted that drivers have only lap belts, not proper 3-point harnesses.

Lori said...

When I see this photo all I can think of is is all that stuff really necessary and who does it all belong too, I can't think of the danger even though it is clearly there.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

This was aboard a COMMUTER bus?
Not a long-distance cross-country (like Greyhound)?
What's with all the luggage?
(Do college students ride this route or what?)

Anonymous said...

I'm long retired from GO Transit Iona. I missed the introduction of the Double Deckers. Personally, I don't like them and they are not designed for highway travel.

It looks like a rolling death trap. If I felt at any point the load was unsafe, I wouldn't hesitate to call the OPP for an opinion and have the officer chat up management, the passengers and any supervisor that would show up.

GO Voyageur said...

Lori, All that stuff belongs to the up to 81 passengers on the bus. You can't take the big suitcases to the upper saloon, because they'll wind up in the aisle, and that's prohibited.

Tal, Route 12 is combined commuter, student, & tourist pax during the week, and almost exclusively tourist on weekends. The route runs between NF and Burlington GO with stops in Stoney Creek P&R, Grimsby P&R, and St. Catharines. Students from Brock U and Niagara College ride the buses.

Anonymous, Would you like to come out of retirement and lead the revolt against the DD's? The only redeeming value of the buses is they accommodate WMA pax faster, assuming there is no luggage in the accessibility spots. The deckers are noisy, and the seats are uncomfortable. Because they are geo-fenced, rerouting options are limited. This blog ran a series called "Meet the Deckers" a couple of years ago - excellent read.