Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Seal up the old bus shelters and done! (Heated ones would be for the rest of us)


deepfish said...

Now truly seal them and start pumping water in the bottom. After a few feet add fresh water piranhas and leeches.
You'll STILL not be putting the buttsuckers to as much risk and harm as they put themselves, and it'll provide hours of entertainment for the kids to watch.

Kristina said...

These aren't one hundred percent effective- you REALLY smell them when you walk by- but they're still better than walking through a cloud of secondhand smoke when you step outside the airport... And I love the fact that the smokers have to step into a room and smell ALL THE SMOKE THAT CAME BEFORE THEM in order to light one up themselves. Give them an idea of how sickening it is for us when we have to smell it ;)